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Τρίτη, 15 Μάρτιος 2011 11:42
On Friday 11/03/2011 was held in Athens the scheduled meeting of our Association, with the presence of all members.

After detailed information, from the chairman, on the latest news in our village, the association discussed and unanimous decided the following:

1)    Relationship between Association  and Cultural Institutions of the village.

Homori’s Association believes that: “ The Cultural Institutions that were created or will be created in the future in our village and designed to serve the basic objectives of our association, should therefore, with specific regulations, acting under his umbrella."

2)    Works on interior and exterior space of Π.ΚΕ.ΧΟ – Selection of Offers.

It was decided to immediately start works on the interior of Π.ΚΕ.ΧΟ (ex elementary school), and assign the project to Grigoris Pelekis. For outdoor works, the study of our fellow villager Andreas Drossos (coordinator of the advisory committee of the Association) is awaiting. The decision to start the project is due to take place after our meeting (early this April) with Mr. Panos Skiadas sponsoring the project. 

3) Repair and painting of rails in the main street

With expenses of the association the repair of the rails was completed by ironworker Nick Tsarouchis. The painting was assign to Andreas Andreopoulos.

4) Installing beams in the pitch

Nick Tsarouchis offer was accepted and his was assigned to finish the work.

5) Youth Meeting 19/02/2011

The offer of food and drinks during the meeting of youth in our village, from the Association, was accepted.

6) Preparation of the summer feast in our village

Several proposals were discussed for the better organization of the event.
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