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On 16th of May 2011, the scheduled meeting of the Board of our association was held in Athens. Present were Chairman Babis Chantzis, Secretary Costas H. Egglezos, cashier Kostas Chr. Egglezos, second secretary Gregory Ziamparas, and second cashier George Kolokithas and alternate member Eythimios Malas. Absent from the meeting was Mrs. Anna Zampara who called and informed us that for personal reasons could not join us at this day, however voted "YES" in all matters as discussed and expressed here-below. 

The issues were discussed in the following order:


1.    a. Preparation of the summer feast (antamoma) in Chomori. As decided the event will take place on 13th of August 2011, Saturday afternoon, at the central square of our village. The event is dedicated to the financial sponsors of our association and the Chairman was authorized for further actions.      

b. The party for the youth of our village will take place on 14th of August 2011, Sunday afternoon, and the association will cover all financial costs for the organization of the event. The organization will oversee the secretary and cashier of the association.

2.    As decided, our fellow villager, Andreas Andreopoulos will work on the painting of the railings at the central square and the metal tables. In our last visit to the village, we found that all railings and tables in the central square are rusted and in very poor condition. Under the care of our fellow villager George Pelekis and offer of Nick Tsarouchis (ironworker) we repair all the broken chairs and decided as a consequence for the painting.

3.    We assigned Zouko to clean the surroundings of P.KE.CHO. (acacia cuttings, etc.) and also to clean the court area with the baskets at the playground. We also assigned him to open a drain around the baskets in order to help the waters leave out off the court area and help not to cause any damage.

4.    We have discussed (with all interested to undertake the work) in the village for the period from 01.06.2011 until 30.09.2011, to cut all the grass on the main street and alleys leading to the homes of our fellow villagers. The whole playground will also be cleaned and the road leading to our church "Panagia". The assignment of this work will be fixed and we ask for the help of all our fellow villagers during the summer, in order to keep our village clean. The visitors of the village should walk the streets without fear.

5.    The Chairman informed the association board for the works on the paved and the surroundings of P.KE.CHO. We met with the vice president of the association, during Easter days and discussed all the details of the work. All works will begin early in June 2011 and we are pleased that many of our fellow villagers and visitors were satisfied with the work that has been done inside the building. We would also like to inform you that after a discussion we had with Mr.  Panos Skiadas (Vice President of the association),he is already thinking to subsidize the association with the extra amount of 5000€ .- (five thousand euros) for the project at P.KE.CHO. The final work will be even better and we sincerely thank him for the sponsorship.

6.    Our member of the association and second cashier George Chr. Kolokithas, state his disagreement with the tactics of the association on the control of the newspaper "Voice of Homoris'" and submitted his resignation. On behalf of the association and with regret, the chairman accepted his resignation and thanked him for his effort up to now. However asked him to stay close the association and provide his help, as he thinks best. The resigned position has been undertaken by our fellow villager Eythimios Malas.

7.    Chomori’s association board accepts unanimously the proposals of our fellow Panos Skiadas, Tryfonas Skiadas and Epaminondas Patouhas from America for a better and harmonious cooperation between the board and committees. The proposals are:

1.     There should be only one bank account, held by the Syllogo (No Newspaper Account, No Cultural Center Account ect.).
2.     The newspaper should be an instrument of the Syllogo, as it is in other nearby communities (Neohorion, Agios Demetrios and Simi etc.) and not an independent entity controlled by any one person or group.
3.     The content of the Newspaper should be the responsibility of the Editor and two other officers of the Syllogo.
4.     Any expenses incurred for the production and distribution of the Newspaper should be paid from the Syllogo bank account upon proper documentation of the expenses.
5.     All Newspaper subscription moneys and donations should go to the Syllogo bank account.

8.    The association board, unanimously, decided that any statutory and economic differences have arisen between the association and the "Editorial Board of our Journal" will be referred for settlement at the next General Meeting, whenever it takes place.

9.    The Association Board was informed for our participation in the Annual Meeting of O.SY.N. (Federation of Associations of Nafpaktos) and the payment of the annual subscription with the amount of 50€ .-

 All friends and fellow villagers, who want to support financially the association, are kindly pleased, to use the account of the Assocation in Emporiki Bank, Account No. 87257703. We would to thank you all.

On behalf of,
Association Board of Chomoris

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