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Δευτέρα, 09 Ιούλιος 2012 10:28
A cause for rejoicing was the resurrection of the newspaper of our Syllogos "The Voice of Chomori." The fact that it stopped being published and circulated for quite some time created a big void in communication and information for all the members and subscribers of our Syllogos. This abandonment however was felt more among us, the fellow villagers of Chomori, who have been living in other countries for many years.

For us, the immigrated Chomoritans who live continually in the Odyssean nostalgia of our return and who realize how "Odysseus’ yearning to see if it were but the smoke leap upwards from his own island, has a desire to die."

Everything that is written and deals with our place of birth receives a special aesthetic and emotional dimension, no matter how simple and worn out this may appear to be.
"In the yard of my house,
the most common grass
becomes more beautiful
than a May’s flower"
wrote in one of his poems our fellow compatriot the poet Georgios
Athanas (Novas).

And indeed everything which is written about our
village or which is connected with our childhood memories of our village, no matter how common and simple they may appear to be, their remembrance creates strong feelings of the passing on of time. A photo of our village under snow, or of our church with its bell tower, the announcement of the wedding of a young man or woman who hails from our village, the news of the graduation of a young person from a university, and even the unpleasant news of the death of a fellow villager of ours; all those things acquire a special significance in our existence and become a justification for pride, reflection, unity and love among us.

I wish that the publishing and circulation of the newspaper of our Syllogos to be continued without any interruption, since its continuation will demand much work and great cooperation by all the immigrated members of our Syllogos. At this point, on behalf of all overseas fellow villagers, I would like to thank our teacher Antonis Drosos who had the noble inspiration to begin the publishing of our newspaper and to work for a good number of years without any remuneration for its circulation, Also, a big thank you to our president Bobby Chantzis and his co-workers Takis Englezos and Philio Athanasiou-Drosou who had the kindness and the noble willingness to take the responsibility for the continuation of its circulation.

The goals which our Syllogos and our newspaper must serve are noble, and the services which the members must offer for its progress must be done in a spirit of unselfishness, agreement, cooperation, love and unity.

Let us not let the matters that concern our Syllogo keep us divided. Unfortunately divisions and individualism were always the greatest weakness of the Greek character. A quick look at our past and modern history greatly testifies that divisions and disagreements lead always to catastrophy.

The disagreement between followers of Venizelos and followers of the king had as a result the catastrophe of Asia Minor in 1922. The disagreement among Greeks after the German occupation had as a-result the civil war with its tragic developments. The common good was sacrificed on the altar of a vindication for authority. The disagreement of the 10-year period of the seventies among the supporters of Archbishop Makarios and those who were against him had as its result the coup in Cyprus in 1974 and the national tragedy of the occupation of Cyprus. Today our Mother County faces the danger of being without a government because of the disagreements between those who believe in the Mnemonio and those who want to abolish it. We, fellow villagers of Chomori, let us remain faithful and without any disagreement in our Syllogos.

The Syllogoi thrive when everyone works together and brings the contributions of his/her time, talent and resources.

Let us put service above self!

Peter N. Skiadas
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